Become a Music Ambassador

If you are a musician (instrumental, vocal, etc.), becoming a music ambassador is the best way to impact our mission. As a music ambassador, you will be directly paired with unique performance opportunities for children and the elderly. Every music ambassador is automatically granted access to our Musician-on-Call benefits (see below). Best of all, we operate on a zero-inconvenience policy: every musician performs when they are available in their busy schedules. That way, anybody can join our cause.

All applications are reviewed within a week

Performance Venues

Our current venues in Philadelphia include the Penn Children's Center, the Philadelphia Nursing Home, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Penn Rehab & Care Center. If you would like for us to play at your venue, please partner with us!


The FLMA connects all of our volunteer musicians with paid gig opportunities. Gigs will be located around the musicians' localities. A small portion of gig earnings will be donated to the FLMA to advance our mission. The only way to become a Musician-on-Call is to become a music ambassador. If you would like to request our musicians for a gig, please do so below.

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