Founded in 2017, the Full Life Music Association (FLMA) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that strives to increase music access around the nation. Currently based in Philadelphia, PA, the FLMA has three main initiatives: performances for children and the elderly, a summer program for kids in West Philadelphia, and a masterclass series.


We believe that music is an integral asset to a full life that leads to improved behavior among kids, cultural appreciation, and a more altruistic society. Across the nation, over 1.3 million elementary school children don't have access to music education, and widespread budget cuts are further hampering access. Similarly, the elderly rarely have access to music within their nursery homes, senior centers, or hospitals. Thus, we want to share the gift of music to our respected elders to brighten their livelihoods, increase their memory functions, improve mental health, and boost productivity.

Alongside, we provide our musicians with paid gig opportunities within their locality. These could include wedding ceremonies, dinner gatherings, private events, and much more. A small portion of gig earnings will be devoted to our organization to build our philanthropic sector.

Our philanthropic activities have one guiding principle: increase music access for those who need it most. This may include instrument donations, lesson funding, mentor pairing, and equipment procurement. Ultimately, our performances are the foundation for our philanthropic aspirations.


Our home base in Philadelphia draws musicians from the Curtis Institute of Music, the University of Pennsylvania, and St. Joseph's University. We are always looking to expand and include more musicians, so if you are a musician who supports our cause (doesn't matter where you live), please join us.


We are active all year long! All applications are accepted on a rolling basis.