Music Altruism

All musicians possess a gift, and it is with that gift that we must give back to our community. By joining this organization, your talent will redefine our music culture, one performance at a time.

All subscribers get instant access to our paid gig opportunities and our community-based performance opportunities.

Our Projects

Everyone Plays a Role

Together we can revitalize our music culture

  • Become a Music Ambassador

    If you are a musician (instrumental, vocal, dance, etc.) and you support our mission, apply to become a music ambassador! This is an excellent way to impact your community while performing your talent.

  • Become a Coordinator

    If you still want to support our mission without actually performing, become an onsite coordinator! You will be responsible for outreaching to musicians and venues in your locality.

  • Summer Program 2018

    Coming soon! Our summer program will enrich the lives of kids who usually don't have access to music.

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